Remind messaging

We are using the “REMIND” app again this year.  All of you would have received a text from me this week re:  REMIND.  I use this app to get information out to students and parents.  If you click on it you will then receive messages re: senior band.



AGM – Annual General Meeting

AGM – “Annual General Meeting” – at 6:30pm (in the music room) for all band parents whose children want to be involved with senior band(concert and jazz band) or are involved with senior band are invited to attend.  We will be going over what is happening in band this year, band festival trip, fundraising events, etc.  Students may attend.

BPA – Executive meeting will meet at 6 pm

The meeting is on Wednesday, September 27 in the music room

Early morning band rehearsal information

For next week, the jazz band will be rehearsing on Tuesday, September 19 and concert band will be rehearsing on Wednesday, September 20.  Rehearsal starts at 7:30 am.  I advise students to come before that around 7:15 am to set up their instrument, receive music, and warm up their instrument.

I advise students to come to the school before that time around 7:15 am to set up their instrument, receive music, and warm up their instrument.

There are new students joining senior jazz and senior concert bands this year and I am looking forward to the upcoming year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome back to KISH Band

KISH Band is gearing up for a good year in Senior Band.  This year is a band trip year to Halifax for the Atlantic Band Festival April 25-27, 2018.  We will continue with fundraising efforts to raise money for this trip and next year’s trip.

Early morning rehearsals will begin on Tuesday, September 19 with jazz band and Wednesday, September 20 with concert band.  Thursday, September 21 the grades 10,11, & 12 band class will start.  New members are welcomed to join and band members who have taken time off last year are invited to rejoin us for a fun year in band.

An Executive Band Parent Meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 20 at 5:30 pm in the school’s board room located in the office.  A General Band Parent meeting will take place in the near future.  Date to be confirmed at the BPA Executive meeting on Wednesday.  The General Band Parent meeting is for all band parents to attend.  Information will follow.