Christmas Concert – Thursday, December 14

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas. . .” KISH Christmas Concert, featuring the concert and jazz bands, will also include, soloists, ensembles, dancers, storytellers, etc. will take place on Thursday, December 14 at 7 pm.  Come out and hear the wonderful music of Christmas at KISH.  The schedule for the warm up before the concert will be posted on the band blog.  All concert and jazz band members are expected to be there and wearing a full uniform for this event.

Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 14 will follow this schedule for the evening:

Rehearsal for individual performers(singers, instrumentalists, dancers) – 5 pm

Rehearsal for Christmas Concert – 5:30 pm Concert Band

Rehearsal for Christmas Concert – 6 pm Jazz Band

Cafeteria doors open up to the public 6:45 pm

Band members and performers line up in the hallway from the stairs to the cafeteria doors welcoming guests to the concert.

6:55 pm Jazz Band members on stage ready for performance.  This year the jazz band will open the Christmas Concert and the concert band will close the concert.  All performers are asked to stay until the end of the concert for the curtain call.

“Christmas Concert” begins at 7 pm


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