Senior Band for the week of: Monday, December 18-Saturday, December 23:

Band Notes:
(As stated in the announcements on Friday) 1.  Congratulations to all the music students who performed in the concert Thursday night.  Great job!
2.  Thank yous to our stage crew from the Leadership class:  Keegan Rix, Timmy Yorke, Emily MacDonald, Heather Gravina, and Shianne Adams.  The backstage performance went smoothly with your assistance.
3.  Thank you to Cindy Ramsay and Eamon Graham for helping with supervision and the sound.  You helped to make the evening run smoothly and sound good.
4.  Thank you to Karen Clark for the lovely Christmas decorations on the stage and out front of the stage.  You helped to create a real festive atmosphere.  Your decorations in the hallway overlooking the gym and in the junior high hallway, have added to the festiveness at KISH.
5.  Thank you to my Music 801 class who helped with the transport of equipment to and from the stage.  Your assistance is appreciated.
6.  There is NO early morning concert, jazz band, or senior band class this week.
7.  Saturday, December 23 is bagging groceries at Mike’s Independent.  Here is a message from Sheila Simmons:

Hey again!  Just a friendly reminder of the grocery bagging event at Mike’s Independent on Saturday, December 23rd from 10am-6pm.  Looks like we have a full house for student volunteers….thanks so much!!  We still have a few opportunities for parents so if you are available for even an hour, please sign up!

Some housekeeping notes as well:


 Students are reminded to wear their white band shirts, BLACK DRESS PANTS (No jeans), and comfortable shoes. Please also remember that long hair should be tied back 

Please review the shifts that you have signed up for and please try your best to come 5 minutes early and meet in the break room upstairs.

 Please also remember: No gum chewing, No cell phones and keep hands clean.

 Thanks so much and look forward to a fun and profitable day on Saturday the 23rd.

 PS….I will be sending out an email after the holidays regarding forming the committee for the Candlelight Dinner coming up in February.  Many hands make light work and this event really runs like clockwork with the help of a few key responsibilities.  If anyone is interested in helping plan/prepare for this awesome fundraiser…please pop me off an email @ and we can get the fun going early in the new year.  We only hold 1 face-to-face meeting and the rest is planned by email once everyone has their job role sorted out.  We have a lot of fun with the preparation and it is always awesome to see how it all comes together!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Years!


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