Senior Band schedule for the week of Thursday, February 1 and Friday, February 2 is posted

Senior Band schedule for the week of Thursday, February 1 and Friday, February 2 is posted under “Senior Band Schedule” or by clicking on the link:

A reminder to students to practice their instrument at home.  We are currently working on the following concert band selections:

“Highland Cathedral” and “As Summer Was Just Beginning”

In jazz band we are currently working on pieces to be performed at the Candlelight Dinner.  Some of the selections we are working on are:

Accidentally In Love,    Autumn Leaves,     Crazy Train,     Moves Like Jagger,     Buffalo Head(book),     Fever,     Don’t Stop Believin’,     Jammin’ With Charlie(book),     Uncle Milo’s Side Show(book),     My Dinner With Ronald(book),     Last Dance(book), and Martian Squaredance(book)


Intermediate Honours Band – Friday, January 26 BUS info.

Tomorrow, Friday, January 26, there will be a bus at KISH for 3:15 pm to take Honours Band students to Charlottetown for dinner at Wendy’s restaurant(students need to take money for this) then to Queen Charlotte Intermediate School for the Honours Band weekend starting at 5:15pm. Transportation back to KISH is not provided at the end of Friday evening.  Students will need to bring their instrument/music, pencil, and sneakers for gym activity.


2018 Honor Band Weekend Schedule

2018 Honor Band Weekend Schedule

Friday, Jan.26th, 2018

5:15 Registration in Queen Charlotte Cafeteria.

5:30 Set-up

6:00 Rehearsal

8:00 Fun in the Gym – Bring sneakers

9.00 Parents pick up students

Saturday, Jan. 27th, 2018

8:30 Set-up/Warm-up at Queen Charlotte

9:00 Rehearsal

10:30 Break

10:50 Rehearsal/Sectional

11:50 Lunch

12:30 Set up for rehearsal/Move coats and boots to upper floor

12:40 Rehearsal

2:40   Rehearsal ends, Students load instruments on bus/truck and take bus to Delta

3:15 Unload gear from truck

3:30 Concert by Stadacona Band

5:00 Pizza Party/Trivia at the Delta

6:15 Rehearsal at Delta Convention Center

8:00 Final Business

8:30 Students go home- Parents pick up students at the PEI Convention Center/Delta Hotel

Sunday, Jan.28th, 2018

12:00   Arrive PEI Convention Center/Delta Hotel

12:30   Dress rehearsal

2:00    Concert

Student Information

  • Be on time with instrument, all honors band music, and a sharpened pencil for all rehearsals.
  • Honor Band performance uniform will be black pants and the Honor Band t-shirt that will be handed out on Saturday night.
  • Please no outdoor footwear in the band room.
  • You will need sneakers for Friday.
  • You will also need a lunch on Saturday. There is not enough time for students to go out for lunch on Saturday.
  • It is important that parents know the schedule for weekend in order to drop off and pick-up students on time at the proper locations.


P.E.I . Intermediate Honour Band:

Honor Band Weekend: Friday, January 26th-Sunday, January 28th

Honor Band Storm Dates: Friday, February 2nd-Sunday, February 4th

Guest Conductor: Richard Bennett


Music to be performed:

Ancient Voices – by Michael Sweeney

As Winds Dance – by Samuel R. Hazo

His Honor – by Henry Fillmore and Arranged by Andrew Balent

Shenandoah – Arranged Carroll DeCamp

Selections from Capriol Suite – by Peter Warlock and Arranged Robert Longfield

  1. Basse-Danse   
  2. Pieds-en-l’air
  3. Mattachins (Sword Dance)

The Incredibles (Main Theme) – by Michael Giacchino and Arranged Johnnie Vinson

Candlelight Dinner

Hey band students/parents….tis that time of year again and we are full steam ahead with the planning of the Candlelight Dinner….to be held Saturday, Feb 24th at the New London Complex.  We currently have a few eager parents on the planning committee and all seems to be taking shape rather nicely.  We are lucky enough to have Coreen Pickering and Duncan Smith of S’allets Catering and Broadway 45 to cater our meal for us again this year.  Our meal sounds delicious and consists of the following:  Roasted Garlic Mushroom Soup, Charcuterie board (cured meats, Island cheese, etc), Roasted Pork Loin with a bacon onion jam, roasted potatoes/veg and of course, desserts prepared by the band parents.  We thought we would stay with the simplified dessert making process this year and we have included 2 recommended desserts.  They should be made in a 9×13 pan and should be left UNCUT.  This is very important to ensure consistent pieces at each place setting.  We will need at least 20 desserts….please sign up as early as possible so that we know we will have enough.  We will let you know about dessert drop off closer to the event date.  That being said, we do need everyone to fill in a spot in the volunteer sections (with the exception of the members of the jazz band as they will be practising and performing) as soon as possible to make sure we have enough hands to go around.  Francis and I will be on site the majority of the day to help with thesetupp, the food prep, the service and the clean up so we would appreciate everyone giving a little of their time to make sure this goes off without a hitch!  We also need students to pick their times as soon as possible as well to make sure you get the time slot that is best for you.  This fundraiser is mandatory for all band members….jazz band members should check with Ms. Profit for their schedules for Feb 24th.


Ticket sales are of utmost importance!  Scotiabank Kensington has generously agreed to come on board again as a major sponsor this year and all ticket sales will be completed through that branch at 54 Broadway St. starting Monday, Jan 22nd.  For anyone having any issues with their supporters finding time to get into the bank to purchase their tickets, let me know and I will take care of it for you.  You can simply call my cell @ (902) 315-0509 and I will handle the ticket sale/delivery for you.  Please tell your friends/family, etc that are buying tickets to make sure they tell them at the bank who they are buying the ticket in support of.  For example…..I would go to the bank and ask for 2 tickets to the KISH Candlelight Dinner in support of AJ Cahill.  That way we know who to credit the ticket sale to.  Would also be good if the purchaser has exact change as I don’t believe the bank will be making change as the account will be ‘deposit only’.  Ticket sales will be ending Tuesday, Feb 20th…with no exceptions….as we need to have firm numbers to our caterers.  We will have a max number of 160 in the dining room this year so make sure those tickets get picked up quickly to avoid disappointment!  Take out is still available and unlimited at this point….until the ticket cut off of Feb 20th.


We also wanted to provide you with the following ‘grocery list’ we need for the dinner.  If any of the parents would like to donate any of the items, or know someone who would….please let me know before Jan 22nd as I will be reaching out to our community sponsors for donations after that date.  Any help is appreciated!


20lbs assorted mushrooms

25lb x onion

12L x heavy cream

1 bottle liquid honey

1 L x canola oil

6 L x veggie broth

Large Brick Cheddar Cheese

Large Brick Marble Cheese

1 wheel Gouda

1 x Chris Brothers

15 x assorted Cured packages Hungarian Salami

15 boxes of assorted crackers

5 jars Red Pepper Jelly

6 lbs of butter

6 lbs frozen Brussel sprouts

100 lb baby red potatoes

50 lb carrots

50 lb turnips

20 lb parsnips

10 lbs bacon

2 lbs brown sugar

2 bags of coffee creamer/milk

1 box Red Rose tea bags

Pork Loin


I will be sending a follow up email each week to let everyone know how ticket sales are going.  Please get the word out there….with social media…should be a cinch!


If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time!  My cell is (902) 315-0509 and my email is



PS….Francis will be sending out information regarding the Silent Auction that always accompanies the Candlelight Dinner so if anyone has any auction items….that would be great!