Dear Band Parents and Students,

 The second trip deposit is due next Monday, February 5th. It is $100. I would ask that everyone contact Arlene( before next Monday to inform her if you plan on paying the deposit with credits, credits and cash or all cash. If you are wondering about your current credits, she would be happy to give you your current total. We have also set up an email address if you would like to pay via e-transfer. Please send your e-transfer to You should check with Arlene first before doing the e-transfer so she knows to keep her eyes out for that email.

 I have not received any items yet for the silent auction. Please take a minute to check out the past years to see what items we have had before. The auction is really important as it helps offset the price of the dinner so more of the ticket sales can go directly to the students. If you would like to help the band fundraise but don’t know how this would be a perfect way. Contact local businesses for items.

 Only 15 of the 31 band members have signed up for the Candlelight dinner, remember that everyone needs to take a moment and fill it in, even if you are in the jazz band. There are two different times on Saturday so if you have plans for Saturday night, I’d suggest you quickly take one of the morning shifts before they are all taken.

 We’ve only had 3 parents come forward to help with the meal so far. We need 10 more to help or the meal won’t go over as well as we’d like.

 We are also still in need of 12 more desserts.

All signups can be found under Candlelight Dinner at .  Refer to your email message for the login and password for Candlelight Dinner.

 If you have any questions about the dinner please contact Sheila at .

 Thanks everyone,



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