Candlelight Dinner schedule for Saturday, Feb. 24

Outline of schedule for Saturday, February 25 – starting at 9:00 am – jazz band students come to KISH to pick up instruments and equipment.  Students are needed to help with the loading of equipment into vehicles and then proceed to the New London Community Complex.

9:20 am the setup of the stage – New London Community Complex –  jazz band students will unload equipment into the Complex and setup for morning rehearsal.  We will do a run through of the playlist for the evenings show.  Rehearsal will go until about 12 noon upon which parents can pick their child up at the Complex.  Jazz Band students will need to be back to the Complex and ready to rehearse for 5:30pm.

5:30 pm – concert band members who signed up to the Complex to their jobs.

5:30-6:20 pm jazz band members – warm up and rehearsal on stage

6:40 pm – jazz band performing on stage.

Around 8 pm or the serving of dessert – jazz band performing on stage.

8:40 pm – tear down of equipment and bring equipment back to KISH for setup in classroom.


Senior Band schedule for the week of Monday, February 12 and Friday, February 16 is posted

Senior Band schedule for the week of Monday, February 12 and Friday, February 16 is posted under Senior Band Schedule or by clicking on the link:

A reminder of the following items:

*More early morning jazz band rehearsals have been added to the schedule for next week February 12-15.  It is so important that all jazz band students show up to rehearsal.  We have a performance in two weeks.

2nd Deposit $100. for band trip was due last Monday.  Get your deposits into Arlene MacAusland or let her know how you are paying for the deposit, i.e. cash, cheque, or credits.

Candlelight Dinner ticket sales continue.  Time is running out.  Last day for students to get tickets or sell tickets is Tuesday, February 20.  Students and parents don’t forget to sign up for a time slot to help with the Candlelight Dinner.  Information has been posted and emailed to everyone.

BPA meeting at 5:30pm Tuesday, February 13 – the executive will be meeting in the boardroom.  Meetings are open to any band parent of students in senior band.