Candlelight Dinner schedule for Saturday, Feb. 24

Outline of schedule for Saturday, February 25 – starting at 9:00 am – jazz band students come to KISH to pick up instruments and equipment.  Students are needed to help with the loading of equipment into vehicles and then proceed to the New London Community Complex.

9:20 am the setup of the stage – New London Community Complex –  jazz band students will unload equipment into the Complex and setup for morning rehearsal.  We will do a run through of the playlist for the evenings show.  Rehearsal will go until about 12 noon upon which parents can pick their child up at the Complex.  Jazz Band students will need to be back to the Complex and ready to rehearse for 5:30pm.

5:30 pm – concert band members who signed up to the Complex to their jobs.

5:30-6:20 pm jazz band members – warm up and rehearsal on stage

6:40 pm – jazz band performing on stage.

Around 8 pm or the serving of dessert – jazz band performing on stage.

8:40 pm – tear down of equipment and bring equipment back to KISH for setup in classroom.


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