Candlelight Dinner Ticket Sale Contest . . .


Hey gang…with the final days of the ticket sales for the Candlelight Dinner upon us….we wanted to offer an opportunity like no other!!!

Again this year, we will be offering the credit for Ms. Profit’s tickets sales to the top seller.  On top of that….we will be entering the names of all of the students who sold 5+ tickets overall into a draw for a chance to double their credits!  That’s right folks….if you sell 5 tickets and your name is drawn…you will be credited for 10 if you sell 10…you will be credited for 20.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!  Based on previous years, that would be a minimum of $150 extra credits….that’s like 10 hours of grocery bagging you WON’T have to do!!!!!  Could it get any better???

I will remind everyone one last time that the cut off for ticket sales at the Scotiabank is Tuesday, Feb 20th.  If anyone is having trouble getting their tickets purchased….please let me know and I will make the arrangements to have the tickets delivered wherever you need them to be.  Let’s put this final push on and get to the 200!  As a group…we can do it!!!




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