Hi, Band Parents and Students,

Our next executive meeting will be May 16 at 5:30pm and again it is open to all parents to attend. We will be doing a trip wrap up and planning the year-end banquet. We are hoping to take care of all issues at this meeting so it should be our year-end meeting too.

 If you missed Ms Profit’s blog post the other day, the band will be performing at a spring concert on May 23 starting at 7pm. Hope to see you all there.

 As mentioned above, we will be having a year-end Band Banquet on June 5. This is a great way to end the year. We will be going over all the years activities including the trip. The band executive will be handing out their awards too and this is always a lot of fun.

 Speaking of the banquet, I’d like to put together a photo slideshow from the trip. If anyone has photos they’d like to share with us, they can go to http://www.kishband.com/trip/ and upload them there. Parents if you know your students have some, please see if they will share. I know some students don’t seem to be getting my emails and I’d love to see as many photos as we can get. If I get enough photos from students, I will not have to use as many of my own.

 Thanks all and see you soon,


KISH Band BPA President


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