Memories of KISH Band Trip to ABF 2018

Peggy’s Cove – April 27, 2018

Zack Pendleton – Peggy’s Cove

Dinner at Jack Astor’s – Dartmouth Crossing

Mama Mia – Neptune Theatre, Halifax, April 25, 2018

Concert Band performance at ABF 2018

KISH Band student band presidents – Shannan Hill and Bethany Spencer

Jazz Band performance at Vinnie’s Hall – ABF 2018

Jazz Band Clinic – ABF 2018

Band – Hampton Inn & Suites – Dartmouth

Concert Band – ABF 2018

Dinner at The Athens Family Restaurant – Halifax

Pier 21 tour and reactment

Halifax Seaport

Chaperones – A. Profit, J. Elsinga, M. Beaman, and F. Wiegers

Peggy’s Cove

“Heyyyyyy, Hey Baby” KISH Band theme song



Relay for Life at Three Oaks Senior High

downloadRelay for Life at Three Oaks Senior High – Wednesday, May 16 from 4:30-10:30.

KISH Band members are putting in a team with Shannan Hill as team captain.

Cost – $15 per student, includes a t-shirt

Where – at Three Oaks Senior High School for East Prince Family of Schools.

Time – 4:30-10:30pm   images

KISH Band students are asked to meet in the student parking lot before 4:30pm.  Students are asked to make colourful posters/signs with KISH Band on it and symbols of music.  These posters will be used for the march in of the school teams.

KISH Band team mascot “Clifford” – the duck with be there in attendance.  Students are asked to wear their green band festival shirt.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society will be appreciated.

What to bring?  Students can bring warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes/sneakers, lawn chair, snacks, poster/signs, beach umbrella/tent, etc.

The following students have signed up to be on the KISH Band team:

Jaylynn Jones, Julia Griggs, MacKenzie Roberts, Hillary Murray, Lily Greenan, Zack Pendleton, Emilie Reilly, Nicole Boucher, Bethany Spencer, and Shannan Hill.  If there are more band students who would like to join the team, see team captain Shannan Hill.  Parents are welcome to join.  This is a non-chaperoned event.   images