Welcome back to KISH Band for September 2018.  

   Image result for band notes imagesBand Notes:
It is going to be an exciting band year for KISH Band.  Looking forward to what’s ahead, including a possible band festival trip to Ontario. 
1.  Early morning senior band class for grades 10, 11, & 12 will start on Friday, September 14 at 7:30am 
2.  Early morning concert band for band students in grades 8 to 12 and new students who want to join concert band, will start on Monday, September 17 at 7:30 am. Students are asked to arrive at 7:15 am to put their instrument together and to warm up their instrument with exercises. 
***Students who are new to concert band are asked to see Ms Profit in the Music Room before Monday, September 17.
3.  Early morning jazz band for band students in grades 8 to 12 and new students who want to join jazz band, will start on Tuesday, September 18 at 7:30 am.  Students are asked to arrive at 7:15 am to put their instrument together and to warm up their instrument with exercises. 
***Students who are new to jazz band are asked to see Ms Profit in the Music Room before Tuesday, September 18.
4.  First BPA meeting will be on Wednesday, September 19 at 5:30pm in the office boardroom.  New band parent members are welcome to attend this meeting.
5.  AGM meeting will be on Wednesday, September 26 at 6pm in the music room for all band parents whose child(ren) is/are involved or want to be involved with performing in either concert and/or jazz band.  
“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Berthold AuerbachImage result for band notes images

BAND Awards/Prizes for 2017-2018

The following awards were given out at the Band Banquet on Tuesday, June 5 and during the Awards Assemblies on Wednesday, June 6.

  2.  The BPA Executive for 2017/2018 was dedicated and committed to KISH Band events, meetings, and fundraisers this past year.  Many thanks for all your work. They are:

President:                                Francis Wiegers     

Vice President:                       Katherine Elsinga

Vice President:                       Monica Ramsay

Secretary:                                Sandra McKenna

Treasurer:                               Arlene MacAusland

Fundraising Advisors:          Trevor Moase and Sheila Simmonds                  

Uniform Chairs:                     Emma Gallant and Sandra McKenna                      

  1.  Plaques were given out to the Student Band Co-Presidents for 2017/2018 who worked to help make KISH Band fun throughout the year.  With thanks, they are:   Presidents:               Shannan Hill and Bethany Spencer

The rest of the executive helped with some of the events throughout the year. With thanks, they are:

Vice President:         Caleb McKenna – gr. 11

Secretary:               Lily Greenan – gr. 11

Band Manager:            Skye MacAusland gr. 12 and Chloe Greenan gr. 11    

Uniform Captain:      Emilie Rielly gr. 10 and Nicole Boucher gr. 10

Intermediate Representative:  Hillary Murray gr. 9

3.  KISH Band had two students participate in the Maritimes Honours Band at Mt. Allison University in November 2017

Shannan Hill on flute            Bethany Spencer on flute

4.  KISH Band had three Grade 9 P.E.I. Intermediate Honours Band participants in January 2018

Reese Carmody on flute        Megan MacDonald on trombone      

Lily Greenan on clarinet

5.  KISH Band Relay for Life team – Event held at Three Oaks Senior High May 16.  The following were on the KISH Band team:

  1. Julia Griggs – grade 8                  7.  A. J. Cahill – grade 11
  2. Lily Greenan – grade 9               8.  Chloe Greenan – grade 11
  3. Megan MacDonald – grade 9     9.  Caleb McKenna – grade 11
  4. Hillary Murray – grade 9         10.  Adam Spencer – grade 11
  5. Zack Pendleton – grade 9         11. Bethany Spencer – grade 12
  6. Emilie Reilly – grade 10           12. Shannan Hill – grade 12 Team Captain

6.  Medals and Certificates were given out to each member of the Concert and Jazz Bands for 2017-2018 and certificates with what bands/events they participated in.

7.  Medals /Certificates

All Grade 12 students who will graduate (5 in total)received a certificate indicating what bands/events they participated in and a gold medal that has a music logo on it and is engraved on the back with “years of participation in the band program 2018.” These medals and certificates went to:

Grade 12
1.  JB Shannan Hill
2.  JB (Jazz Band only) Johnathan Lauwerijssen
3.  JB Bethany Spencer
4.  JB Becca Wiegers
5.  Skye MacAusland

8.  Shannan and Bethany and the Student Band Executiverepresenting the student band executive handed out Concert/Jazz Band Student Fun Awards – These awards were created by the experiences of students in Senior Band for 2017-2018.

9.  The Adrian Hamilton-Irving Band Parent Award (large plaque and small keeper plaque) – this award went to the parent who you all have voted for who demonstrated commitment and dedication to the KISH Band Program.  Heather Hamilton-Irving was here to present this award. The winner of this Band Parent Award for 2018 was:

Sheila Simmonds

FINAL AWARD OF THE NIGHT                                                                       

10.  Alysha Toombs Spirit Award (large plaque and small keeper plaque) – “Awarded to the Outstanding Band Member Chosen by their Peers In Honour of Alysha Toombs.”  Alysha Toombs was a band student who in her grade 10 year passed away. She was a flute player, but not only that she was a giving individual who volunteered her time to help others.  She was very well liked in band and was very much a leader. In honour of Alysha this year’s winner for 2018 was:

Shannan Hill
II.  AWARDS ASSEMBLIES on Wednesday, June 6 the following awards were given out for MUSIC.

11.  Intermediate Awards Assembly starting at 1:30 pm.  Award of Excellence Certificates to the top band students in:

        i.  Grade 7 Award Sietse de Backer

       ii.  Grade 8 Award – Brynne MacAusland

      iii. Grade 9 Award Hillary Murray

12.  A Plaque to the Most Dedicated Intermediate Band Student – Megan MacDonald

13.  Senior Awards Assembly starting at 7 pm

       i.  A Plaque to the outstanding concert band member – Skye MacAusland

       ii.  A Plaque to the outstanding Jazz band member – Shannan Hill

       iii. A Plaque to the most dedicated concert and jazz band member “The Music Teacher Recognition Award” – large plaque that stays at the school and a keeper plaque for the recipient winner goes to:  Bethany Spencer and Becca Wiegers

  1.  The following Grade 12 students will be graduating on June 21st and the following list of Music awards will be given out.  
Grade 12
1. Shannan Hill 2. Johnathan Lauwerijssen 3. Skye MacAusland
4. Bethany Spencer 5. Becca Wiegers


  1. Anne Campbell Award valued at $300 given to the student who plans to further their study in music or the arts.
  2. Music 621 class prize for the highest average in Music 621 valued at $100 donated by the BPA
  3. Long and McQuade prize valued at $25 given to a music student
  4. The Arts Award – a new award valued at $500 donated by Shelley Moase is given to a student who demonstrates leadership abilities in the arts, attending post secondary school, volunteers to help, demonstrates the ability to recognize and step up when help is needed, and who marches to their own drum.


Tuesday, June 5th

Band Notes:
1.  Tuesday, June 5th – early morning grades 10-12 last class
2.  Tuesday, June 5th – Band Banquet starting at 6 pm.  All senior band members and your families are welcome to attend.
3.  Vest returns/deposit back – the following students see Ms. Profit with your band uniform vest:  Shanae Stavert, Anwyn Coggins, Lily Greenan, and Chloe Greenan

Band Notes

1.  Congratulations to the senior concert and jazz band students, as well as,  individual performers – vocalists, pianists, and dancers at Monday night’s Spring Concert and Tuesday’s Grade 6 QEES concert.  You all did a great job and the audience had lots of lovely comments on your wonderful performances.  You did KISH proudly.
2.  Thank you goes to our Music Director Ms Profit, Mr Carruthers for taking care of the sound, Keegan Rix for looking after the lights, and our custodians for setting up the chairs and clearing off the stage.
3.  The final event of the year is our Annual Band Banquet on Tuesday, June 5 starting at 6 pm.  This event is for all concert and jazz band members and their families.  It will be a night of celebration, food, fun, and awards.
4.  Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 there is an early morning senior band class grades 10-12 at 7:30 am
5.  Early morning rehearsal for senior concert and jazz band is now done for the year.
6.  Band vests returns have happened.  If you did not return your vest please do so ASAP.  A refund will be returned to you on the completion of your vest return.

Monday, May 28 – early morning concert band

Senior Band schedule for the week of Monday, May 28  to Friday, June 1:

Monday, May 28  early morning concert band

***Spring Concert to Monday, May 28 – Spring Concert at 7pm

Jazz Band needs to be at the school at 5:15 pm

Concert Band needs to be at the school at 5:30 pm

Individual Performers need to be at the school at 6 pm

Tuesday, May 29 – no early morning band

11:30 am – Concert and Jazz Band to the Music Room for a warmup

12 noon – 12:30 – Concert for the grade 6 students at QEES

Wednesday, May 30 – no early morning band

Thursday, May 31 – early morning senior band classes of grades 10, 11, & 12

Friday, June 1 – early morning senior band classes of grades 10, 11, & 12