Relay for Life at Three Oaks Senior High

downloadRelay for Life at Three Oaks Senior High – Wednesday, May 16 from 4:30-10:30.

KISH Band members are putting in a team with Shannan Hill as team captain.

Cost – $15 per student, includes a t-shirt

Where – at Three Oaks Senior High School for East Prince Family of Schools.

Time – 4:30-10:30pm   images

KISH Band students are asked to meet in the student parking lot before 4:30pm.  Students are asked to make colourful posters/signs with KISH Band on it and symbols of music.  These posters will be used for the march in of the school teams.

KISH Band team mascot “Clifford” – the duck with be there in attendance.  Students are asked to wear their green band festival shirt.

Donations to the Canadian Cancer Society will be appreciated.

What to bring?  Students can bring warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes/sneakers, lawn chair, snacks, poster/signs, beach umbrella/tent, etc.

The following students have signed up to be on the KISH Band team:

Jaylynn Jones, Julia Griggs, MacKenzie Roberts, Hillary Murray, Lily Greenan, Zack Pendleton, Emilie Reilly, Nicole Boucher, Bethany Spencer, and Shannan Hill.  If there are more band students who would like to join the team, see team captain Shannan Hill.  Parents are welcome to join.  This is a non-chaperoned event.   images


Hi, Band Parents and Students,

Our next executive meeting will be May 16 at 5:30pm and again it is open to all parents to attend. We will be doing a trip wrap up and planning the year-end banquet. We are hoping to take care of all issues at this meeting so it should be our year-end meeting too.

 If you missed Ms Profit’s blog post the other day, the band will be performing at a spring concert on May 23 starting at 7pm. Hope to see you all there.

 As mentioned above, we will be having a year-end Band Banquet on June 5. This is a great way to end the year. We will be going over all the years activities including the trip. The band executive will be handing out their awards too and this is always a lot of fun.

 Speaking of the banquet, I’d like to put together a photo slideshow from the trip. If anyone has photos they’d like to share with us, they can go to and upload them there. Parents if you know your students have some, please see if they will share. I know some students don’t seem to be getting my emails and I’d love to see as many photos as we can get. If I get enough photos from students, I will not have to use as many of my own.

 Thanks all and see you soon,


KISH Band BPA President

Atlantic Band Festival (ABF) Halifax 2018 Itinerary

Wednesday, April 25th:

11:10 Lunch at KISH

12:00 Load the bus

12:30 Leave for Halifax

2:30 Stop at Masstown Market

2:50 Leave for Halifax

4:00 Arrive in Halifax at the “Hampton Inn and Suites” at Dartmouth

Crossing 65 Cromarty Drive, Dartmouth, (902)406-7700

5:00 Leave for dinner to Jack Astor’s Restaurant Dartmouth Crossing,

107 Shubie Drive, Dartmouth #468-6080 (covered by the cost of


7:30 Neptune Theatre for the Broadway music “Mama Mia”

1593 Argyle St., Halifax, phone#902-429-7070 or

1 800-565-7345

10:30 Hotel

11:00 Lights Out!

Thursday, April 26th:

7:00 Rise and Shine “Performance Day- Festival for all Concert/Jazz Band players”

8:00 Breakfast provided by the Hotel

8:30 Leave for Mount St. Vincent University – Festival Location and

park outside Rosaria Centre 166 Bedford Highway, Halifax

(902) 457-6788

***Make sure you have your instrument, music, and all parts of your concert/Jazz band uniform (black pants, socks, shoes, band shirt, bowtie, and concert band vest)

9:00 Arrive at the Rosaria Centre.  Concert Band proceed to Main stage – Rosaria Centre to meet your Festival Host.  When directed proceed to the coat room where you will assemble your instruments and wait for instructions from the Host.  For Conductors – give ADJUDICATOR SCORES, SEATING PLAN AND SOLOIST FORM

10:00 Concert Band performs

10:30 Concert Band will go to the Clinic Room for a ½ workshop with one

of the adjudicators.

10:45 Picture of Concert Band

11:00 lunch (paid by students) at a fast food establishment

12:30 Leave for the festival at Mount St. Vincent University

166 Bedford Highway, Halifax – (902) 457-6788

12:45 Rosaria Centre – Vinnie’s meet your Festival Host.  When directed proceed to the coat room where you will assemble your instruments and wait for instructions from the Host.


1:00 The festival host will guide you to the warm-up room. The next twenty minutes will be spent warming up for your adjudicated performance.

1:20 The Host will escort Jazz Band to the performance stage

1:30 Adjudicated Performance – Jazz Band – Vinnie’s stage

2:00 Jazz Band will go to the Clinic Room for a ½ workshop with one of

the adjudicators.

2:45 Picture of the Jazz Band members

3:00 Back to the hotel and change for evening supper

5:00 Leave for dinner in downtown Halifax

5:30 DinnerAthens Family Restaurant, 6273 Quinpool Rd., Halifax

(902)422-1595 (covered by the cost of trip)

7:30 Back at the hotel for fun in the pool

10:00 Lights out!

Friday, April 27th:

7:30 Rise and Shine, bring all luggage to bus for loading

8:15 Breakfast provided by the Hotel

9:20 Board the bus to depart for Pier 21 Museum

9:50 Arrive at Pier 21 – tour and scavenger hunt

12:00 Board the bus to go for lunch (paid by students)

1:00 Leave for Peggy’s Cove

1:45 Arrive in Peggy’s Cove

2:45 Board the bus back to Dartmouth for shopping at Mic Mac Mall

3:30 shopping and Dinner at Mic Mac Mall (dinner covered by the cost

of trip)  

6:00 travel back home to P.E.I.

9:00 Arrive in Kensington

***Students will have to cover the cost of 3 lunches

(Wednesday lunch at KISH, Thursday in Halifax and Friday after Pier 21

approximate value of 2 lunches in Halifax = $30)

Packing Guidelines for the bandtrip

Packing Guidelines


black pants

band shirt

band vest

bow tie

black socks/tights

BLACK SHOES (no sneakers or flip flops)
All required music and instruments (concert and jazz band) and instrument(s)

Comfortable shoes for walking

Comfortable casual clothes

Money – for two lunches = $30 plus spending money for shopping

*** If you require an over-the-counter medication, such as Tylenol, Advil, Gravol, etc., you must bring it with you as the chaperones are not permitted by Public School Board policy to give you any medication.

Accommodation/Important telephone contact numbers are on the itinerary

Atlantic Band Festival 2018

Mount Allison University Summer Academy of Music, July 22–28, 2018

Mount Allison University will once again be hosting a week-long Summer Academy of MusicJuly 22–28, 2018, for pianists, singers, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instrumentalists ages 14 to 19.  This is a superb opportunity for dedicated young musicians to hone their skills, learn new repertoire, and perform with other students in the lovely setting of the Marjorie Young Bell Conservatory on the Mount Allison campus.

 A registration form is attached; to learn more about this workshop, visit our Summer Academy website.

 The application deadline is May 1, 2018.  If you have any questions, please contact us at the Mount Allison Department of Music. Phone: 506.364.2374, Email: .

Dr. Stephen Runge, Director

Summer Academy of Music

Mount Allison University

Senior Band schedule for the week of Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20 is posted

Senior Band schedule for the week of Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20 is posted under “Senior Band Schedule” 

Last full week of rehearsal before the festival trip April 25-27.  With everyone at rehearsal we will be able to put the finishing touch on our festival pieces.  It is necessary at this time to practice at home as well.  As mentioned in rehearsal, students make sure you bring a pencil to band, so you can add anything to your pieces that need attention or extra practice.  Finally, thank you students for your hard work on these pieces.  The pieces are almost where we need them to be.

  • BPA Meeting for all senior band parents – music room on Monday, April 16 at 6 pm.  Update on the band trip and review of the itinerary.